5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer

Do you need to hire a wedding videographer? That’s like asking do you need to hire a wedding photographer? Do you want memories of one of the biggest days of your life? Of course you do!

Wedding videography is fast becoming an essential part of the big day. With more and more people choosing to hire a wedding videographer we thought we’d put together a post about why it’s such a great idea.

You may be thinking “but it’s just another expense” and you’d be right. But it’s an expense you just can’t afford to miss out on. Plus there’s companies out there (like us!) that can offer package deals when you buy the photography too. This can work out cheaper than hiring separate photographers and videographers from different companies.

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Reason #1 to hire a wedding videographer:

Photos don’t capture the same emotion.

Don’t get me wrong, photos do of course capture emotion. They capture just a flicker of it though. For a photographer, they have a split second to get that 1 (maybe 2 or 3 if they’re fast enough) shot. Guaranteed though, they will get more shots of weird faces than good ones! (And that’s why you never get every single picture a photographer takes.)

Video gets it all though. The good faces and the bad! But you don’t notice a half open eye or a skewed smile because it’s not one shot. Video captures the moment from start to finish. From the first look, the first dance and everything in-between.

Reason #2 to hire a wedding videographer.

You can hear the speeches and ceremony again.

Some venues can be a bit funny with photographers and videographers being at the front during ceremonies which is understandable at times. Yeah we have lenses that can still capture the moment but a photographer can’t photograph the words that are being said. And the same goes for speeches.

We will set microphones up wherever we can so that we capture what’s being said. Many people will tell you that years after their wedding, they can’t really remember what was said during the speeches. It becomes a blur! So if you want to hear it again, then there’s no other option.

It can also be nice if you do unfortunately lose someone. If your Dad gave a speech at your wedding and you had a videographer, you’ll always have his voice. It seems like a really morbid thought but how often do you actually film special moments?

Wedding Videography in Essex - cake closeup

Reason #3

A videographer will capture the little moments.

Here at DC Media, we like to disappear into the background so no one realises we’re there. This gives us opportunity to capture the little moments that no one else would probably notice. From Mum wiping a tear from her eye to your cheeky niece sneaking buffet food before she’s meant to. We like to keep the fun parts in our videos.

It’s also easier for us to capture the moments between the new husband and wife. So many couples feel awkward in front of the camera and we offer a free pre-wedding photo session with some of our packages to help combat this. But sometimes, people just feel awkward. This can make photos look unnatural and stiff but video can capture couples when they think no one is around. They can just enjoy some time together and we’ll do the work around them. Of course, we can always pose people too but it can be nice to know it’s not forced.

Reason #4 to hire a wedding videographer.

You can’t always rely on people with mobiles.

Something we hear and read as photographers/videographers is “My friend can do this with their phone!” And it may be true to some extent. The difference is, no matter how good you think a phone camera is, it won’t ever match up to our cameras. I could go into all the technical side of it but basically, the photos/videos our camera produces contain a LOT more information than any phone camera.

We’ve tried adding mobile footage into one of our videos…. There’s no other word for it, it looks shit!

The other issue with this reason is relying on your family and friends. You want them to be present on your special day and watching the day unfold through a phone isn’t the same. Having a mobile free ceremony is becoming more popular and personally I think they should all be like that. As a photographer, there’s nothing worse than seeing a load of phones being held up as the bride is walking down the aisle.

Plus, people get drunk at weddings. Who wants shaky, up the nose footage where someone accidentally flipped their phone camera. Wedding videography looking like the Blair Witch Project! (Yes, we’re that old.)

And finally…

hire a wedding videographer in Essex - A bouquet of lilac and white flowers

Reason #5 to hire a wedding videographer.

You can re-watch your special day over and over again!

Going through your wedding photos is all very well but imagine being able to relive it through video. We offer different packages that provide you with varying amounts of filming time and video. From highlights to your full ceremony and speeches. It gives you the option to have as much or as little as you want.

And not only can you re-watch it, you can share it too. All of your family and friends can also enjoy watching parts they may have missed. We offer our videos as a download so that they can be easily shared among the people you want to share it with. It’s a memory that can be treasured forever and shown to future generations.

So, I’ll ask again. Do you need to hire a wedding videographer?

Of course you do!

Pop us a message for more information on our Wedding packages.

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