Social Media

New to DC Media is Social Media Management Packages! Offering what no other management company can; professional photo and video content.

Many management companies do not offer content creation, so you have to supply them with it. This means hiring a professional photographer and videographer or taking pictures on your phone (euww).

Between us we have 7 years experience in blogging, qualifications in online marketing and have grown our own various social media platforms to impressive numbers. This gives us a great knowledge of different platforms and the best ways to promote a business.

Social Media Management - Computer open with DC Media's Facebook page open. A Phone with Instagram showing is sat across the keyboard and a plant in is the foreground to the left side.

We understand that businesses these days need to have an online presence. The problem is, it takes time and dedication to see growth and many people just don’t have the time. We can help by taking on your social media platforms or by teaching you how to do it yourself.

Our packages start from as little as £495 a month for social media management and can include photo and video shoots each month. By including these shoots, it means we will never run out of content! We also never post anything without your say so. Included, is a monthly report on what is happening with your social media.

DC Media can also help with SEO in the same way as social media. We can take it on for you or we can teach you all about it. Sometimes it’s easier to pay someone to take away the problem and sometimes, you want to learn! We can draw up a report for you and look at better ways of managing your website.

Get in touch for more information and a package tailored to your needs.